For aspiring singer-songwriters. We'll basically teach you anything you need to be an artist or a worship leader. That includes songwriting, performance training (playing and singing) as well as recording - 4 professional demos/year are included in the tuition

Classes are 90 minutes/week.
Age 13 and up



Music Slam

This is where kids learn to love music. In a 90 minute class each week we'll teach them to play piano or guitar, sing and also introduce them to songwriting and recording. It's so much fun and we ALWAYS make popcorn and cookies. It's about 3-4 students to a teacher and some of our top artists help teach this class. And while your kids learn music you can get some much needed you-time at beautiful Market Street :)

Ages 6-12
Classes are 1.5 hours/week


Music bootcamp

Age 13 and up. This is where you sharpen your chops and learn to sing and/or play like a pro. You get to choose 3 out of the following 5 tracks: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Songwriting and Music Production. 

Classes are 2 hours/week.
Ages 13 and up

Career coaching.jpg

Career coaching

This class is an opportunity for those of our students who work really hard to get the help they need to launch an actual music career. We'll teach you that being an artist is more than singing. We'll help you with everything from booking gigs to working your social media, negotiating record deals, planning tours, hiring bands and doing interviews. The class also includes a fully produced track by Sweekman Production.

This class is by invitation only - please inquire about our Songwriting program